My Very First Post!

I’m so excited to write my very first post!

My latest completed project around the house has been overhauling an entertainment unit that we use to house some toys in our play area. I don’t have a before photo of it, as I didn’t think to take one! But… it was not in the best condition… it was white and the laminate was peeling off, so there was bits of brown on it too. We got it second-hand for pretty cheap, so I wasn’t too bothered that it wasn’t in the best condition.

I had a look on Pinterest and found some good advice on painting over laminate surfaces. The basics are to:

  1. Apply a prep coat – I used British Paints Prep 4 in 1.
  2. Apply a few coats of acrylic paint – the colour I chose was Ace of Spades from British Paints.
  3. Apply a few coats of varnish – I used British Paints Water Based Clear Varnish

(No, I’m not being sponsored by British Paints 🙂 They just seemed the best value for money)

Before I started though, I scrapped off as much laminate as I could from the areas where it had peeled off.


The top of the unit I painted with blackboard paint so we can draw on it! I really like this idea as you can adapt it to whatever you’re playing with – train tracks, roads, letters and numbers, or just drawing.

I had been searching for containers to use for a while… I was thinking of using crates or something like that, but I couldn’t find the right size, or when I found the right size I didn’t like the colours, or it was too expensive. I ended up finding some fabric drawers at Bunnings for $6.99 each.

Next I made some labels! This was one of my favourite parts as I love making signs and things. I wanted a playful font so I downloaded a free version of the Peppa Pig Font. I made the labels in Microsoft Publisher, but I’m sure you could do it in Word as well. I found some nice images in Google Images. I like getting images that have a transparent background, so if you’d like to do that too it’s pretty easy.. you just click Search Tools, Color, Transparent.

Google Images - Transparent

Once printed, I laminated them, then cut them out and stuck them on the drawers.


I’m so excited with how it’s turned out!


Yay! 🙂


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