Gruffalo Cake

It’s my little girl’s 3rd birthday today, so I thought I would make her a Gruffalo Cake. We all love Julia Donaldson books at our house, so I thought this would be perfect!

I haven’t really done much cake decorating before, so I’m really chuffed with how this turned out. I made my own fondant, as we usually have a stash of marshmallows in the pantry to roast on the fire pit. I checked out instructions from and then went from there.

So this is a chocolate cake with purple spheres inside (I thought they could symbolise the purple prickles all over his back). I had left over batter when making the spheres, so used that to make patty cakes, and two of those are used for The Gruffalo’s ears. It’s all covered in yummy chocolate icing, and then decorated with the marshmallow fondant.

Yay! 🙂

Gruffalo Cake


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